Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!!
This will be my 2nd Christmas in Spain, my family was here for Christmas of 2002; however, it is my first one living here.
One thing that I have enjoyed lately is walking to my in-laws house.
I get to see the big Christmas tree, and a little wooden house in the square where they sell roasted chestnuts ... I have a greater appreciation for the song now that I have seen them roasting on an open fire ;)
It´s also nice to hear the street musicians playing Christmas carols.
Christmas is such a beautiful season,,, I love seeing the beautiful decorations and all of the bright lights.

Bright Christmas lights get me thinking about the star that showed the wise men where Jesus was, that must have been some star!!!

Don´t forget what Christmas is really all about. CHRIST.
He gave the greatest gift of all, when He gave Jesus.

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