Thursday, April 28, 2011

WOW !!! It´s been a tough week

If I haven´t mentioned it before, Ivan has been a great teether.  You know he is teething when he gets a runny nose.  Other than having to wipe his nose and face off every few minutes, he is still his playful, energetic happy self.

Last week he got a fever on and off for a few days, and was just a mess.  He was cranky, all he wanted was to be held, or nurse.  He wasn´t interested in eating much, and didn´t find any of his toys amusing.  I wasn´t sure if this had anything to do with teething since the symptoms were completely different.

This week the runny nose has finally made an appearance, so it was confirmed, it is indeed the teeth.
Poor baby, you really appreciate the type of teether that you have, when everything changes up on you.

Hopefully these new teeth will break through soon so that he can be back to himself :-(

On a more nostalgic note... Since the weather over here has been pretty warm for a  month now, I decided to clean out Ivan´s closet and put away all of his winter clothes.  It is bitter sweet to think that he will never use that coat, or these little mittens ever again. Its a good thing that looking at his CUTE swimsuits makes me happy :-)

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