Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh The Places You will Nurse... Move over Dr. Suess

In my 18 months experience I have nursed in many different places,,, here are all the places I can remember.

1. Hospital
2. Home
3. Walking around the house
4. In the shower
5. At Church
6. In the car
7. Leaning over the car seat while baby was strapped in ... safety first
8. In Parking lots
9. In Planes
10. With certain family members watching very closely that even have to get close enough to touch Ivans´ head ... for future reference, I´d much rather you gave me some personal space ;-).
11. In a Bathroom ... Definitely the worst place to nurse, its ridiculous that people still offer the bathroom... but hey, when you don´t wear boob accessible clothing and you pretty much have to de-robe to nurse, this is sometimes your only option.
12. Dressing rooms
13. Nursing rooms
14. On a Bus
15. On a Boat
16. In Parks
17. On the side of the road
18. In a Complete strangers house when my car got flooded... thank God for breastfeeding. I didn´t get the chance to grab anything from the car except for baby, if it weren´t for my boobs, he would have been very hungry and unhappy for 3 hours.
19. At the Beach
20. At different friends homes

etc, etc, etc...


  1. Awesome! I'm totally jealous...I was an EP'er.

  2. haaahha, well some of those places were much more pleasant than others :-)