Wednesday, November 17, 2010


November, November, November...
For almost every American, November = Thanksgiving, the season to give thanks.
It is definitely going to be a bit different this year seeing as Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and duh,,, I'm not in America.
I'm not yet sure if we will do anything special, we might, it would be really nice if we do.
Nonetheless, Thanksgiving will be remembered and cherished on my behalf.

Thanksgiving holds a lot of traditions back home,,, for instance,

1. After we are finished eating (and completely stuffed!!!) we each take turns to give thanks for everyone with us (we say something specific about each person).
2. Anyone that doesn't have a place to go home to for Thanksgiving comes to our house :)
Mostly roommates and college colleagues. Having a full house was never a problem for my parents, they love making people feel at home and loved.
3. The traditional TURKEY... accompanied by jamon, arroz con gandules, batata, mashed potatoes, green bean and sweet potato casserole (love green bean, do not love sweet potato) and of course APPLE PIE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM,,,,, oooohhhhhh Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving with out apple pie and apple pie is not apple pie without  ice cream .

*My favorite tradition of all, is simply taking time to be with each other. So even though I am in Spain and Thanksgiving isn't a National Holiday,,, I will definitely be spending time with Family and loved ones and of course counting my blessings

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