Sunday, November 21, 2010

We love the Park

Ivan inspecting a leaf 
Ivan loves the park,,,, I am sooooo happy that we live near one !!!

Crawling away from his toys

This is the first time that I live in such a central location, and I love it.
I can walk to,,,,, the park, supermarket, church, grandparents, fruit market, hubby´s work, etc. etc. etc.
talk about saving gas money :)

Ivan sucking on his kissable lips :)

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  1. Grand Kids
    Keep sending photos of Ivan and also of mom y dad of course. Seeing him , he is growing so fast and will be walking so soon . You know Becki there is one good thing that you guys are in Malaga now we will never get lost in Malaga all we have to is call a CAB to get to Marytxas house. ha ha
    Please continue to send the great photos , oh yes please excuse me for not remembering our grand kids BIRTHDAY'S . We hope that both of our grand kids had a great time on your birthday's. With this move need a road map to just get out of the house. Then with a birthday present from the kids "" Tom Tom"" direction finder we can just about find our way around this town.
    Love from Your Grand Parents and to our little Ivan his Great Grand Parents
    Ps Give our Son y Daughter an big hug and kiss from both of us.