Friday, May 27, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Days 1 -4

Wow Day 4 is already gone, this challenge is flying by.

So far so good. I never would have thought that using flats could be this easy.  I am really considering incorporating flats into my cloth diaper stash.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been using the re-purposed t-shirts.  Lucky for us, my Dad was cleaning out his closet and I am even more lucky to have an x-large Dad.  I can only presume that a small t-shirt is less absorbant :-) The pad fold is easy and works great.

I have been using my un-stuffed pocket diapers. 3 Bumgenius and 2 Fuzzibunz. I much prefer using Bg over Fb.  Bg has 2 rows of waist snaps which has helped to keep the diaper up and not droop low as with the Fb.  This could be due to the fold I am using.

Dirty Diaper Storage
After using my wetbag on Day 1, I decided that it would be much easier and I would have less to wash if I just stored the Dirty diapers in the bucket washer.

Hand Washing
Thanks to the Bucket Washer, hand washing hasn't been all that bad.  It does however, take a little more effort, time and elbow grease.  I predict that at the end of this challenge I am going to have perfectly toned arms.

I am amazed at how good this is going.  It feels great to know that if this was my only option, I could totally do it.

I will try to get some pictures in tomorrow.  They will most likely be from a cell phone :-) But something is better than nothing.

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