Monday, May 30, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Challenge...Day 7

Finally, the pictures  I promised.  These were taken with  a camera phone, not too shabby.

Here is the Bucket Washer that I made.  I didn't bother scraping the dried cement off of the outside, but I assure you, the inside is squeaky clean.

Almost clean.

Hooray for Rockin' Green Orangevana....smells soooooo good.

"T-shirt" Flats Hanging in the sun...I had to run out 5 minutes later,,, Hurricane season has not given me a break this week.

Thank God for a drying rack.

The 2 rows of snaps on the Bg's helped keep the diaper from drooping below Ivan's tummy.

Fb's drooped a bit.
We did it.  One whole week of Flats and Handwashing.
I was tempted to cheat today, Sundays are non stop for us and I woke up feeling crappy, but we did it... how could I give up with just a few more hours to go.

This was a definite learning experience and  I am very thankful for the convenience of modern cloth diapers and washing machines !!!

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