Saturday, September 17, 2011

Types of Cloth Diapers

I am going to start from the most basic (Old Fashioned) and work my way up :-)

Flat Diapers are pretty much a sheet of fabric. One ply. Quick dry time and the most cost effective you can get. So cost effective, you can even make them out of an old bed sheet or t-shirts that you already have.
Flat diapers fit a range of sizes, you just need to learn how to fold it onto your baby.  You can use either a snappi or diaper pins to secure it onto your child. Flat Diapers are not water proof and NEED a cover if you want them to be.
flat diaper

One of many flat diaper folds

Prefolds cost just a bit more than Flats. They were created to make the diapering process simpler, less folding than with flats, because they have less material. They have multiple layers, with more absorbancy in the wet zone.  They are reffered to as 2x6x2, or 4x6x4 etc. which means that a 4x6x4 has 4 layers on the left, 6 layers in the center, and 4 layers on the right. This is a very popular option, especially for newborns, who go through what feels like millions of diapers a day, and pretty much anyone who wants to diaper the cheapest way without so much folding.  You can find pre-folds in walmart and people use them as burp cloths. Your best bet is to buy on-line !!! gerber isn´t known for there quality prefolds, so don´t waste your time or money.
Prefolds are not water proof and NEED a diaper cover if you want them to be.
Prefold fastened with a snappi

Chinese Prefolds

Fitted Diapers
Fitted Diapers have the shape of an easy diaper (aio) but are not water proof, the whole thing is made out of absorbent material; making this a good idea for nighttime diapering. They sometimes have closures, but most likely won´t, you can use a snappi or diaper pins to fasten onto your baby. Another option is to just put a cover on top, this really takes care of the fastening onto your baby part and you wont need to use pins or snappi. Fitted Diapers are not water proof and NEED a diaper cover if you want them to be.
Fitted Diaper

Fitted Diaper

Diaper Covers
A diaper cover is what you place over the prefold, flat, or fitted diaper to add a water proof outer. Diaper covers are usually made out of one of 3 materials. PUL, fleece, or wool. PUL being the cheapest and wool usually the most expensive. They can all be used more than once (as long as they haven´t been soiled with you know what). PUL comes in either velcro or snap closures, fleece and wool are usually the pull up type, but ocassionally fleece covers have velcro or snap closures.
Fleece Cover

Wool Cover

PUL Cover

Pocket Diapers
Pocket Diapers are quick and easy. They consist of 2 parts, The water proof outer with a lining and  opening (either in the front or back) and the insert. Pocket diapers come with either velcro or snap closures  Pocket diapers are a convenient way to diaper your baby. They are quick drying and are very easy to use, no folding or pinning, just fasten onto your baby.
Pocket Diaper

All in One
The AIO diaper is the most convenient diaper out there. They are the most similar to there disposable counterparts. there is no stuffing the insert into the pocket, no pinning the diaper onto baby, no folding, no cover needed.  AIO´s are a one step diaper. You simply fasten the diaper onto your baby and Voila,  thats it !!!
All in One diaper

All in One Diaper
There are other variations to each of these categories, but this is the most general explanation I can give. Let me know if you have any questions.

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