Monday, January 3, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Okay if you would have asked me a year ago if I was planning on cloth diapering, you would have seen a ¨ what in the world is wrong with you¨  look on my face.
If you ask me now,,, well lets just say my opinion is a bit different. I´m a cloth convert!!!

I know, most of you reading this probably have the ¨What in the world is wrong with you¨ look on your face right now :-)  No, I have not gone mad

When did I become interested in Cloth diapering?
- July 2010,  I was at Toys-R-us shopping for a pack of swimmers when I saw a pack of gdiaper biodegradable refills. I thought, what a cute little picture, and what are gdiapers anyway??? I went home, got online, found out what they were and researched other modern cloth diapers.

Why did I want to even consider Cloth Diapering?
- Honestly, my first reason was the cute factor... they are soooooo cute, so much better than white disposable diapers.
- Next, The outrageous cost of disposable diapers. You spend, on average over $2,000.00 per child on diapers from birth to potty training.
- Chemicals !!! have you ever thought about all the junk they put in diapers. The thinner they are, the more toxins they have. ever seen little gel beads on your babies skin??? those are chemicals. Ivan tried the cute huggies jeans diapers, they were cute, until he got his first diaper rash coincidentally at the same time. That is the only time he has ever had a rash (knock on wood).
- Environment, no I am not a neurotic tree hugger, but I do think we should be responsible.  Disposable diapers take hundreds of years to break down,,, and since disposables were only invented about 60 years ago, there are 60 years of tightly wrapped packets of human feces buried in land fills all around the world.
...These are my top 4 reasons based on what I researched, feel free to do your own :)

What do I have in my Cloth Diaper Stash?
4 gdiapers - orange, vanilla, gaga blue, goodnight blue
12 gcloth
3 bumgenius os 4.0 aplix closures - butternut, grasshopper, twilight
2 bumgenius os 4.0 snap closures artist series - free spirit, eiffel tower
3 fuzzibunz perfect size - apple green, bigsky, watermelon
1 fuzzibunz os -tootie frootie
1 bottombumpers aio side snapping - shamrock
1 rockingreen detergent in orangevana
1 planetwise wet bag - lime cocoa bean

I use the pocket diapers on a daily basis, and the gdiapers for outings.

What else do I need to complete my stash?
With the diapers I have now, I need to wash almost everyday, and I can get by. If I could purchase a few more diapers to add to my stash they would be...
A few rumparooz os snap closure in the kangarooz, robotronic and gumball print... and a few ragababe aio in squiggles, newspaper, cube, tie dye... (they have too many awesome prints to choose just one :)).
I would like to try out the bestbottoms in moo-licious with the hemp/ cotton insert or stay dry insert.
I need to get another wetbag, and kangacare (rumparooz brand) with their new shaped bag seems like a good choice.
I would like to eventually (someday) buy a diaper sprayer, but for know I am just using my shower head.

Would I like to Cloth Diaper my next baby?
If we are blessed with another child, I would love to cloth diaper starting from birth.
I might even dare try prefolds... weehuggers have the cutest diaper covers.
rumparooz and ragababe also have newborn diapers that I have read great reviews about and I would love to  have a few for when the one size diapers are still too big.

What would I tell someone who is considering Cloth Diapers?
Don´t be afraid to give it a shot. Yes, you will have to see more poop, but you won´t really have to touch anymore than you would have to with disposables. If at first you don´t succeed, try another brand :) one brand will not work for everyone. Start with a diaper that is well trusted and similar to disposable, like bumgenius with applix closure. Don´t let other peoples opinion discourage you from cdiapering, make an informed decision.

Hopefully this post will spark your interest :)

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